A Little Light Housecleaning

You may have noticed there have been some changes around here as of late, so I thought I’d address that head on before we got too far.

So, hi. I’m Amanda. I used to hide behind a pseudonym that I came up with many years ago, based on an amalgam of a childhood nickname and a gaming handle, but I thought it was time to just be me. If you see archived posts here referencing or written by ‘Dew’, that’d be me.


When I started this site, way back when, it was in response to a lot of nastiness I encountered while writing for someone else’s horror site. Female perspectives were rarely valued, unless you included a risque photo or two. There was an obsession among many of the readers with so-called ‘rape revenge’ films, insisting it was in the interest of female empowerment when we all knew they were just touching themselves in their parents’ basements to images of violence against women so stop trying to make it seem okay, Todd. And beyond all of that — which in itself was more than enough reason to quit — there just wasn’t any intelligent discussion happening about the horror genre, or the adjacent tales of real life paranormal happenings and true crime. Enter Bloody Mess.

Here’s the deal though: the name came from an old blog I used to have, entitled This Bloody Mess, and when deciding on a domain (.nets are cooler than .coms y’know), I’d completely forgotten to take into account that other super well known Bloody site. After several years, a few bumps in the road, and a high turnover in writing staff, two thoughts occurred to me: 1] there was need for a change, and 2] our staff had always been largely female. Maybe it was time to try something new?

That’s how we became TheFinalGirl.net

I invite you to join me on this new approach to horror appreciation. We will still cover the same topics that brought you here to begin with — film reviews, news, true crime spotlights — but we’re hoping to branch out into a more thoughtful, intelligent look at the horror genre and its fandom as a whole, and offer a unique and occasionally feminist perspective.

Thank you for sticking with us and please remember: life’s no fun without a good scare!

Ever Your Faithful Servant,

Amanda Giarratano, aka Dew Sinister

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