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Amanda Giarratano, Co-Editor
formerly known as “Dew Sinister” / @thefinalgirlnet / IMDB
A fan of horror from an early age, Amanda founded The Final Girl’s predecessor, Bloody Mess,  in late 2012 after becoming dissatisfied with the quality of fan-based horror film sites. Growing up reading Stephen King and watching 1980’s era slasher films has instilled in her a life-long love of all things spooky and strange, and a general distaste for poorly concocted remakes of films of that era. Amanda has previously written for the now defunct horror film review site Forever Horror, as well as done film reviews for, reviews and original articles for HorrorBid, and horror novel reviews for Big Ol’ Face Full of Monster magazine. Her former nom de plume, “Dew Sinister”, is an amalgam of a childhood nickname and an online gaming handle.

She holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English, with a heavy emphasis on writing, and is presently working to complete a Master of the Arts degree in the same field. Some of her personal favorite horror films include The Uninvited (1944), Popcorn (1991), Interview With the Vampire (1994), The Thing (1982), and Fright Night (1985). She especially enjoys haunted house films, and films about vampires (of the non-sparkly variety), as well as true to life tales of serial killers and paranormal happenings. Her personal motto comes from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: “Life’s no fun without a good scare!”

Sonya Iryna, Co-Editor
@SonyaIryna / FelinesandFangirling

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Sean Brice, Contributor & Table Top Gaming Specialist

Léyla Richardson,  Former Associate Editor & Feature Writer
@sickkgirl_ / IMDB

James Oxyer, Writer & Obscure Film Specialist

Lucy Buglass, Former Feature Writer & Short Film Enthusiast
@successmontage / IMDB 

Zack Long, Writer & Gaming Correspondent

Angela D. Williams, Former Writer 

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