37 Thoughts About Interview With The Vampire 101

AMC’s Interview With The Vampire had one big problem from the start: how to reinvent the story for today without completely obliterating the legacy of the 1994 film that many fans love. Within the first 15 minutes of episode 101 of Interview With The Vampire they manage to skillfully weave the legacy of that film with a new jumping off point that makes more sense for this day and age.

I was skeptical, like many fans, when I heard what AMC was planning to do. But it’s done so deftly that fans don’t need to worry. This is a timeless story that can shift easily through the decades and centuries. Interview With The Vampire is the ethereal, dark, tragic, swoony Gothic love story that has brought generations of fans into Lestat’s fandom.

The wait is almost over. Episodes 101 and 102 of Interview With The Vampire will be available on AMC+ at midnight on Sunday, October 2 and episode 101 will air that evening on AMC at 10 P.M. after The Walking Dead.

Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac and Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

The synopsis for the first episode, “In Throes Of Increasing Wonder” reads:

“Almost 50 years have passed since Daniel Molloy first interviewed Louis de Pointe du Lac. Times, technology, and Molloy have all changed. Louis sends a letter asking Molloy to meet at a place of Louis’ choosing.”

If you’re a fan of the books you do need to suspend disbelief a little up front because the opening is different from the story you know. As Louis would say, “Let the tale seduce you…”

Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC

Thoughts About Interview With The Vampire 101

These were the thoughts I had watching Interview With The Vampire 101 “In Throes Of Increasing Wonder”:

  1. Credits are on point. They make my little goth heart happy.
  2. I would take that class.
  3. Gotta respect a journalist hustling to get paid. I feel you Daniel, I feel you.
  4. I empathize a lot more with old Daniel than I’m comfortable with…
  5. That was extremely well done. Bravo.
  6. And just like that, the story begins anew. LET’S GO.
  7. These two are brilliant together.
  8. Loving the postmodern repartee, now let’s go back to a different era… YASS LET’S GO
  9. “The product was desire…” It still is really, only the medium changes.
  10. I wonder how long it took to get this wonderful refined but heavy dialog down…
  11. So they’re really gonna go there… ok go. Bold and I love it.
  12. +10 for the Mayfair Witches reference.
  13. SWOONING for these costumes.
  14. Let’s bring back fancy calling cards yeah?
  15. This is *EXACTLY* how I always imagined Lestat.
  16. I know how you feel Louis.
  17. The devil. EXACTLY.
  18. Oh we’re seduced Louis. We’re seduced.
  19. Bless Louis’ poor little romantic heart.
  20. Way to make it awkward Paul.
  21. Even irritated Lestat is smooth AF.
  22. THERE IT IS. The rage is always right below the surface eh Lestat?
  23. He’s so freaking mesmerizing.
  24. That was art.
  25. I love this love story for us.
  26. I would possibly maybe someday consider getting married again just to wear that wedding dress.
  27. Jacob manages to make Louis a tragic figure without making him a whiny irritating one.
  28. I would watch him in anything.
  29. There is nothing like that pre-dawn hour after an amazing night out. I know.
  30. Stunning.
  31. Well that took a turn.
  32. OUCH. That’s a little harsh.
  33. Diabolical Lestat is diabolical.
  34. All the freaking awards to Jacob Anderson. Good. Lord.
  35. ::pterodactyl screaming::
  36. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice honestly.
  37. I need a cigarette and some wine after that. “The end. The beginning.” We are in for one HELL of a ride.
Sam Reid as Lestat De Lioncourt and Jacob Anderson as Louis De Point Du Lac – Interview with the Vampire _ Season 1, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: ç

Final Thoughts

By switching to an elongated TV format the showrunner, writers, and others involved in bringing this world to life can really dive deep into the connections that these characters have and how they are bound together in both love and toxicity.

Finally we’re going down the rabbit hole into the complex, dark, lush, gorgeously blood tinged world that Anne Rice created and getting to play there and see her complicated, flawed, and glorious characters brought to life. Make sure you have lots of wine and join me on Twitter on Sunday night to live tweet the premiere of Interview With The Vampire on AMC.

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