"The Walking Dead:" Run, Andrea, Run.

The twists and turns. Well. I don’t quite know yet how I feel about tonight’s episode, but it was intense. For some more than others. So here we go: if you don’t want to read what happened, back away now. Detailed spoilers lie ahead!


Flashback: Michonne and Andrea are around a campfire, Michonne’s de-armed, de-jawed walkers in chains and keeping them guarded for the night. They are eating food out of heated cans. Andrea asks her where she found their “guards.” She asks if they attacked, or if Michonne hunted them down or if she knew them. Michonne just looks at her. Andrea realizes they were people she knew. “They deserve what they got. They weren’t human to begin with.” Andrea stares at her.
Present Day at Woodbury: The governor is setting up a cell that has shackles from the ceiling. He is on his knees, looking way too reverent for me to be comfortable.
At Woodbury the people are gathering up guns and ammunition and loading it into an army vehicle. Milton walks up and asks Martinez where the governor is. He responds, “Not here.” Andrea walks up and stares at Martinez. “I thought there was a deal on the table.” Milton tells her he’s sure it’s just a precaution.
The governor is gathering what looks like a lot of instruments of torture. He catches sight of Milton watching him and calls him over when Milton tries to walk away. Milton asks what his room is. He calls it his “workshop.” Milton tells him this is supposed to be a new start. The governor asks him if he believes the walkers have some spark of the person they once were in them. He says he does, and the governor says, “Then that was my daughter.”
Milton tells Andrea that the deal is to hand Michonne over, and whether or not they do, the governor will kill Rick and all of them. She says she has to stop this and he tells her he doesn’t think she can. He brings her to the “workshop.” Milton tells her to leave and tell the people in the prison to get out of here. “No,” she says. “I have to kill him.” She tells him the whole workshop and the governor’s plans are sick and she can’t just stand back and watch this happen. The governor enters and they watch from above as he lays out more devices of torture–presumably for Michonne, and begins to whistle. Andrea pulls her gun out and aims it at him, but Milton stops her as the governor gets up to leave.
“How can you still protect him? He doesn’t give a shit about you,” Andrea says. He says even if she kills the governor, she’ll get shot and Martinez will take over and the cycle starts again. She tells Milton she’s going to the prison to warn them–and he’s going with her. He refuses. She warns him that if he stays, he can’t keep looking the other way, and tells him to take care of himself.
Andrea walks down the road, keeping an eye on all the guards and people milling about. Martinez stops her and she turns to look at him. He tells her to hand over her gun and any ammo, and she refuses at first, then reluctantly hands it over. He asks for her knife and she asks him if he wants to frisk her. The governor approaches Andrea, and tells her she can go with them when they meet Rick tomorrow and if he tries anything she can talk some sense into him.
Tyreese and Sasha are doing target practice on stray walkers outside Woodbury, standing atop the makeshift wall. She’s teasing him that he’s wasting ammo. It takes him several rounds before he actually takes him down. Andrea shows up and tells them a large pack of walkers is heading to the wall and they are supposed to go take care of it on Martinez’s orders. They tell her they have to hear it from Martinez. She climbs up onto the wall, and draws her knife when they try to stop her. She fills them in on the fact the governor is bad news and she’s leaving and they should too. She slips down over the wall. “We shouldn’t have let her go,” Sasha says as Andrea runs. “What did you want me to do?” he asks. “Shoot her?”
“You should’ve stopped her,” Martinez tells Tyreese and Sasha. The governor says it’s okay. He’s glad neither of them are hurt. He says Andrea was out there alone all winter. That they tried to help her there at Woodbury, but it had been too long. He asks if she said what panicked her, but Tyreese and Sasha both say no. Tyreese says he hopes they’re still okay there.
The governor sees Milton and they are walking down the road together. Milton asks if Andrea’s gone and if he’s sending the others after her. The governor says he’s going after her. Milton tells him to let her go, that she just wants to be with her people. “Did you tell her about Michonne?” he demands, holding him up against a rail. He doesn’t answer, but the governor puts two and two together and storms away.
“We’re not going after that girl, are we?” Tyreese asks. Martinez tells him no, that she’s on her own. Martinez heads away. The other guy and his kid from the group are talking to him and Sasha, who tell Tyreese that Andrea is crazy. Tyreese tells him he’s going to get with the program. The other man tells Tyreese that his wife was stuck to him like glue once Tyreese saved her life. He’s hostile, clearly jealous.
Andrea hides in the woods when a truck rolls down the street. She is attacked from behind by one walker, and several more are in front of her, trying to scratch and bite her. She kicks them away, breaking one of their arms, and stabbing them through their heads with the knife she didn’t surrender to Martinez. She takes off running once more.
Martinez has driven a couple guys, Tyreese, and Sasha to the “zombie pit.” “I didn’t think we’d be feeding people to biters,” Tyreese says. He informs him they can’t do this. There are women and children in the prison, and he wants no part of that. The other man from Tyreese’s group speaks up and says he doesn’t speak for THEM, and he and his boy aren’t going out there again. He’ll look out for his son. “Like you looked out for Donna?” Tyreese asks. He lunges and he and Tyreese fight. Tyreese holds him over the pit of biters, and the man taunts him. “Go on!” he shouts. Tyreese pulls him back up to safety and lets him go.
Andrea is in the middle of a field, and sees the truck again. She quickly lies down but she’s spotted and it comes straight for her, honking. It’s the governor. He stops the truck and she runs into the woods once more. She makes it to some kind of abandoned building, but the truck is already approaching there too. She heads inside as the governor parks the truck.
Andrea accidentally knocks over a bucket that makes a lot of noise. She hears the truck stop, and the door open. The governor walks inside the building. She has made her way farther inside the dark building, but she’s making noise as she does so. He begins to whistle as he looks for her. A walker comes up behind her and she stabs it in the head quickly. He hears the sound and moves toward her once more, and she moves farther away. She crouches down by a shelf as he looks for her, whispering her name. She stays still. “Come back with me. Come back to Woodbury. We need you. We all need you,” he says. He tells her Woodbury’s her home now. “Your people. Your town.” He tells her she can’t just leave them all behind. When she doesn’t get up or speak, he says, “Suit yourself” and begins breaking glass with a shovel. He busts window after window angrily as she tries to tiptoe away. She squeezes into a hiding place and grasps her knife tightly in one hand. he begins whistling again as he approaches her hiding spot, dragging the shovel on the concrete floor. There’s noise from the other side of the room and he starts to move away from her. She remains still as he moves to look for whatever caused the noise. It’s a walker, which he quickly impales. He pulls out his gun and shoots a couple other walkers that are inside even as she moves in the opposite direction.
She rounds a corner and leans back against a wall, but hears a noise. There’s a walker to one side of her, which she kills on a hook and heads for a door. There is a horde of walkers outside the door, and she quickly steps back inside and closes the door. She and the governor come face to face. “Time to go home, huh?” She slides out another door, opening it for the horde of zombies to come after him. She watches as he fights them off and then she slips upstairs. She hears him yelling as he runs out of bullet and she quickly strides out of the building.
Martinez has left a trailer full of walkers to prepare for the attack on the prison. Someone pours gasoline all over the trailer and in the pit and then lights them all on fire. The person’s face is unseen and they climb into a jeep and drive away.
It’s daylight again and Andrea is still trying to get to the prison. It’s within sight and she smiles. She lifts her hand to wave and she’s grabbed from behind–by the governor. He drags her to the ground and covers her mouth with his hand. Rick thinks he spots movement and looks through his gun but can’t see them through the trees.
One of the governor’s men is at the pit, staring down at the zombies, who are still moving, but are extra crispy.
The governor arrives back at Woodbury, and tells Martinez he had no luck. Martinez tells him the biters at the pit are dead. He asks who did it. Martinez tells him Tyreese and his sister had protested the day before. He approaches Tyreese and several others, and Tyreese tells him if he’s got a beef with Rick. “People are more afraid of a biter on a leash than a gun in their face,” he tells them, saying the biters are just for show. “Governor, look. I shoot my mouth off sometimes, but the truth is, we want to stay. I saw red. It won’t happen again,” Tyreese tells him. The governor says he’s glad to hear it. “Where did you get the gasoline?” The governor asks. Tyreese is baffled. The governor leaves the building and spots Milton across the street.
“Is she dead?” Milton asks. “I hope not,” he responds. He asks if the governor is okay. He states he’s never been better. “It’s a real shame about the pits,” Milton says. He tells him he hopes he finds out who did it. “Already have,” the governor answers, watching Milton walk away.
The camera moves in on a red door. It’s his workshop. Andrea is inside, tied to the chair and gagged.
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“The Walking Dead” (2010)
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden
Creator: Frank Darabont

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