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With only a couple of weeks until The Walking Dead returns for the rest of its third season run, I have to admit that I am getting very antsy.  So here’s a recap of season two to help refresh everyone’s memory (or for first-time viewers, a rundown of the important events that took place in season two). Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.
The group makes its way toward Fort Benning. But as usual, things don’t  go as planned. A huge horde of zombies comes through and everyone hides. Just when it seems they’ve passed, one of them spots Sophia, forcing her to run off into the woods alone. Rick follows, but she’s vanished and they can’t find her.
We are introduced to a new family when Carl is accidentally shot by a man named Otis, who was hunting a deer. Carl nearly dies, but one of the people, Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson), is a doctor. Unfortunately he doesn’t have all the equipment that he needs to help Carl, so Shane and Otis take off to find supplies.  When they are mobbed by a horde, Shane shoots Otis in the leg and makes a run for it with the equipment.
As Carl begins to recover, the group starts looking for Sophia again, to no avail. They set up “camp” on Hershel’s farm, though the older man asks them not to use weapons on his property.


Daryl is injured and hallucinates, seeing visions of his brother Merle taunting him. Then Andrea accidentally shoots him, grazing his head, when she mistakes him for a walker.

 Glen and Hershel’s daughter Maggie (Lauren Cohan) wind up sleeping together on a supply run. Lori takes a pregnancy test that Glen snatches from a pharmacy nearby, and learns she’s pregnant. She struggles to figure out how to tell Rick the news.


Lori reveals to Rick that she is pregnant, and that the baby might be Shane’s and not his. He tells her he’s known all along about her and Shane. She admits she is scared about how they are supposed to handle adding a baby to the mix, and wonders if it’s fair for them to even do so, considering how the world is now. Meanwhile, Shane and Andrea realize and act upon their mutual attraction.

 Glen makes a shocking discovery: Hershel has been gathering and keeping walkers in his barn. Even though Maggie asks him not to, Glen decides he can’t keep that big of a secret from Rick and the others, and reveals to them that their safe-haven isn’t so safe after all. Shane makes the decision to open the barn and release the walkers, forcing the rest of the group to shoot them. They are all stunned as Sophia, now a member of the undead, creeps out of the barn, and Rick ends up shooting herImage2

The group buries Sophia, as well as Hershel’s loved ones, and burns the rest of the bodies. Hershel takes off and Glen and Rick follow him into town. Beth (Emily Kenney), Hershel’s youngest daughter, goes into a state of shock, not reacting when anyone talks to her. Dale confides to Lori that he believes Shane may have killed Otis to save himself. Lori gets into a minor car accident when she sets out to find Hershel. Rick is forced to make a difficult choice when two strangers show up at the bar in town, asking a lot of questions about their group and where they’re staying. He kills them both, but they have backup nearby, who hear the shots. The three of them end up in a shoot-out with others, which draws the attention of nearby walkers. One of the young men, Randall, from the other group is seriously injured, and they reluctantly take him back with them to the farm rather than leaving him for dead.  When they return to the farm, Lori warns Rick that she believes Shane is dangerous and unpredictable.

Rick and Shane butt heads trying to decide what to do with Randall, who has now recovered from his injury. Shane makes an attempt to kill Randall, but Rick stops him. Then Shane unleashes his anger on Rick. Back at the farm, Maggie and Lori try to comfort and help Beth, who is now suicidal. Andrea offers to look after her, and gives her the choice of whether or not to kill herself or not, which causes friction between Andrea and Maggie.


Daryl interrogates Randall about his group, and he admits they’re violent and not really good men. Rick and Shane decide to kill Randall rather than compromise the safety of their group, but Dale protests. Carl sneaks off to play in the woods, taking one of Daryl’s guns with him and taunting a walker that’s trapped in the mud. However, the walker gets loose and Carl takes off running, but doesn’t tell anyone what happened. He appears in the barn just as Rick is about to shoot and kill Randall, and Rick realizes he can’t go through with it. Dale is caught off guard by the walker that Carl taunted, and Daryl shoots him to stop him from turning into a walker himself.

 Carl tells Shane why he feels responsible for Dale’s death, and Shane tells Rick he needs to talk to his son. Lori admits to Shane she’s not sure if the baby is Rick’s or his, but either way, Rick will be the baby’s father. Shane takes off with Randall, making it look like the young man escaped, and he snaps his neck. Then he returns to the farm, bleeding and tells the others that Randall managed to get away with his gun. Rick, Daryl, and Glen all head out to try and find Randall. They separate to cover more ground, leaving Rick and Shane alone together. Shane takes Rick to a clearing and Rick realizes that Shane killed Randall, and now he’s about to kill him. At the same time, Daryl and Glen discover Randall, who’s now a walker, but after Daryl checks him over, he says there were no bite marks. His neck was snapped. There’s a showdown between Rick and Shane. Shane holds Rick at gunpoint, though Rick puts down his own gun, trying to talk Shane out of killing him by reminding him it’s not too late to change the course of his life. Shane starts to lower his weapon and Rick stabs him with a knife, screaming at him that he made Rick do it. Rick turns and starts to walk away when he spots Carl holding a gun up with a shaky hand. Thinking that Carl is about to shoot him, he doesn’t see at first that Shane has come back as a walker until Carl shoots and kills him. The shots draw the attention of an enormous horde of walkers who then make their way right for the farm.


Carl and Rick realize they are being followed by a crowd of walkers, but the house is too far away, so they run to the barn instead, lighting it on fire and killing a bunch of them at once. The rest of the group is in chaos. Lori is panicked because she doesn’t know where Carl is. Andrea saves Carol’s life, but is separated from the rest of the group as they take off, leaving the farm behind. Somewhat reluctantly, Rick tells the group that when they die, regardless of how they died, they will ALL come back as walkers because they’re all infected. Carol and Maggie are both upset that he kept it a secret for so long. He admits that he killed Shane, which horrifies Lori. Once they set up camp, Rick tells the others that “this is no longer a democracy” and what he says goes. Meanwhile, Andrea is saved by a mysterious figure in the woods who kills walkers with a sharp sword, and keeps two arm-less, tooth-less walkers on chains.


And with that, season two came to a close, leaving millions of viewers to wonder who the hell that was, and what on earth was going to happen next. Stay tuned for my recap of what’s happened so far in season three, due out next week. And if you want to chat with me about TWD, please feel free to leave comments, or follow me on twitter at @WalkinDeadAngie.
“The Walking Dead” (2010)
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, John Bernthal
Creator: Frank Darabont

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